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pencil, writing tool containing lead

pencil pencil


pencil pencil

(n.) = stylus ; pencil.
Ex: The stylus emits tiny sparks which cut minute holes in the surface of the stencil.
Ex: One seasoned supervisor insisted that in order to appear businesslike, staff reading while on desk duty should hold a pencil.
* dibujo a lápiz = pencil drawing.
* escrito a lápiz = pencilled [penciled, -USA].
* lápiz de cera = crayon.
* lápiz de color = colouring pencil.
* lápiz de colorear = colouring pencil.
* lápiz de memoria = USB hard drive ; memory stick ; pen drive ; flash drive ; USB stick ; USB memory stick ; USB flash disk.
* lápiz graso = grease pencil.
* lápiz labial = lipstick.
* lápiz litográfico = grease pencil.
* lápiz óptico = light pen ; Plessey pen ; telepen ; wand ; data pen ; barcode wand.
* mina de lápiz = pencil lead.
* mordisquear el lápiz = chew + pencil.
* sistema de lápiz óptico = data pen system.

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