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pity; shame
lacerate, injure, hurt (emotionally or physically)

it hurts pity

(n.) = pity ; commiseration ; sympathy.
Ex: The pity is that more people are actually in favour of libraries than actually use them.
Ex: There was no discussion, only expressions of commiseration for her and wishes of good luck = No hubo discusión, sólo expresiones de condolencia y deseos de buena suerte.
Ex: If they are non-librarians they might be released after a suitable period of chastisement but librarians should spend eternity there endlessly looking for 'Smith, E.S.' without rest or sympathy.
* dar lástima = feel + sorry for ; pity.
* dar lástima de = feel + bad for.
* ¡qué lástima! = what a pity! ; what a shame!.
* sentir lástima por = feel + sorry for ; commiserate (with) ; feel + bad for.
* ser una lástima = be a shame.
* tener lástima = pity.
* una verdadera lástima = a crying shame.
(v.) = bruise ; crock.
Ex: This new machine does not bruise or damage the fruit.
Ex: I crocked the cartilage in my knee big time around 7 years ago and even after surgery it was swollen, stiff and achey.
* lastimarse = get + hurt.

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