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tin, can; canister; nuisance, pest; lath
beat, throb, pulsate
broad, wide; extensive

can, tin, tin can



can, tin, tin can

(n.) = can ; tin ; tin can.
Ex: The copy was grubby from use, a paperback with a photographically realistic full-color painting on its cover of an early teenage boy slumped in what looked to me like a corner of a very dirty back alley, a can of Coke in his hand.
Ex: Thousands of tins of putrefying and poisonous meat were seized from this firm.
Ex: This is a soft, adorable snowman easy to make from a tin can and bag of cotton balls.
* atún en lata = tinned tuna.
* cerveza de lata = canned beer.
* conservas en lata = tinned goods.
* en lata = canned ; tinned.
* lata abrefácil de anilla = ring pull can.
* lata de aire comprimido = compressed air can.
* lata de atún = tin of tuna.
* lata de bebida = beverage can.
* lata de cerveza = beer can.
* lata de queroseno = kerosene can.
* lata de refresco = can of soda.
* sopa en lata = tinned soup ; canned soup.
= tin.
Ex: The cataloguing of Napoleonic miniatures (model soldiers made of tin or pewter) is used to demonstrate the feasibility of extending AACR2 to the realm of museums.
(n.) = drag.
Ex: Some of the obstacles are unrealistic, unrealizable local ambitions, organizational drag, competition among libraries, and lack of innovation space = Algunos de los obstáculos son las ambiciones locales poco realistas e irrealizables, el lastre institucional, la competencia entre las bibliotecas y la falta de espacio para la innovación.
* dar la lata = nag (at) ; play up ; harp on ; pester ; bug ; badger.
(v.) = beat ; pulsate ; throb ; pulse ; lie + hidden ; palpitate.
Ex: The article 'New York beats at a high pulse rate' describes the visit to 13 libraries for young people in New York by 4 Danish librarians.
Ex: The place is pulsating with life from families at the restaurants and fruit shops.
Ex: This image throbs when you look at it but it's just an optical illusion.
Ex: When I bend down, or bend over, my head starts to pulse and sometimes it feels like it is going to explode.
Ex: For six years, the torture chamber lay hidden in the cellars of what had once been an orphanage for deaf children.
Ex: My heart sometimes palpitates when I am startled or sometimes when I bend forward.

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