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washed, scrubbed, made clean; laundered
wash, washing; dipping


(n.) = washing ; wash-off ; washed-out ; lavage ; wash ; rinse.
Ex: We also spend a certain amount of time each day dealing with our bodily functions, bathing, washing, brushing our teeth and so on.
Ex: The wash-off of solid waste into the drainage systems of urban areas seriously interferes with aquatic life in the receiving streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.
Ex: When you get the wrong combination you get washed-out colors and bad blacks.
Ex: An enema is lavage of the rectum or distal colon.
Ex: Year without a wash leads to divorce court.
Ex: It's best after use to just use regular washing up liquid and water, giving it a good rinse and drying promptly.
* dar un lavado de cara = spruce up.
* disolvente para el lavado = wash solvent.
* hacerle a Alguien un lavado de cerebro = brainwash.
* hacerse un lavado vaginal = douche.
* lavado a presión = pressure wash ; jet wash.
* lavado de cabello = shampooing.
* lavado de coches = car wash.
* lavado de la ropa = laundering.
* lavado del intestino = bowel prep.
* lavado de pelo = shampooing.
* lavado de platos = dishwashing.
* lavado intestinal = bowel prep.
* lavado manual a presión = jet wash.
* salir en el lavado = come out in + the wash.
* túnel de lavado = drive-through car wash.
(v.) = wash ; bathe ; launder ; wash out ; wash + Nombre + up ; rinse off ; leach ; wash down.
Ex: After disinfection the object should be thoroughly washed with tap and distilled water.
Ex: We also spend a certain amount of time each day dealing with our bodily functions, bathing, washing, brushing our teeth and so on.
Ex: This study compares the costs of purchasing and laundering diapers either at home or laundromat with the cost of purchasing disposable diapers.
Ex: They turned the boat over and washed it out but then Brad couldn't get back in the boat because he was too weak.
Ex: They scraped the sinew, washed it up, dried it up, and then they split it.
Ex: The only thing that rinsing off baby carrots will do is remove any dirt that might be on the surface -- it won't wash away any bacteria.
Ex: Other chemicals have been used to leach gold, and they include bromine, chlorine, and thiourea.
Ex: Before you lather your car with nice hot sudsy water, you want to wash it down first with a hose.
* lavar a mano = hand wash.
* lavar con agua = rinse off.
* lavar con agua abudante = sluice.
* lavar con champú = shampoo.
* lavar el coche = wash + the car.
* lavar la cara = spin-doctor.
* lavar la ropa = wash + clothes ; do + the washing.
* lavarle el cerebro a Alguien = brainwash.
* lavar los platos = wash + the dishes ; wash up ; do + the washing-up ; do + the dishes.
* lavarse = perform + Posesivo + ablutions.
* lavar(se) con una esponja = sponge.
* lavarse el pelo = shampoo + Posesivo + hair ; wash + Posesive + hair.
* lavarse el pelo con champú = shampoo + Posesivo + hair.
* lavarse la cabeza = wash + Posesive + hair ; shampoo + Posesivo + hair.
* lavarse la cara = wash + Posesivo + face.
* lavarse las manos = wash + Posesivo + hands off ; wash + Posesivo + hands.
* lavarse las manos de = wash + Posesivo + hands of.
* lavarse los dientes = clean teeth.
* paño para lavarse la cara = washcloth ; facecloth ; face flannel ; washrag.
* que se puede lavar con lejía = bleachable.
* sin lavar = unwashed.
* tabla de lavar = washboard.

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