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bleach, chlorine product used for whitening; lye, alkaline solution which is often used in the making of soaps and detergents



(n.) = lye ; bleacher ; household bleach ; bleach.
Ex: But if set-off did occur and threatened to set back and spoil subsequent impressions of the first forme, the tympan cloth could be rubbed over with lye to clean it.
Ex: Bleachers can be a haven for scum buildup.
Ex: If you can't boil water, you can disinfect it using household bleach.
Ex: This type of bleach is gentle enough to pour directly on your bleachable whites.
* lejía de casa = household bleach.
* lejía de cloro = chlorine bleach.
* lejía normal = household bleach.
* que se puede lavar con lejía = bleachable.
* resistente a la lejía = bleachable.

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