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yeast, leavening

yeast, leaven


(n.) = yeast ; leavening ; leavening agent.
Ex: Chapter 2 describes general characteristics of various microorganisms causing this deterioration -- bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, yeasts, and algae.
Ex: Self-rising flour is all-purpose flour with added salt and leavening (baking powder).
Ex: Self-raising flour contains a leavening agent, sodium bicarbonate.
* célula de levadura = yeast cell ; yeast cell.
* con levadura = yeasted.
* extracto de levadura = yeast extract.
* fermentado con levadura = yeasted.
* harina con levadura = self-raising flour ; self-rising flour.
* levadura de cerveza = brewer's yeast.
* levadura de panadero = baker's yeast.
* levadura en polvo = baking powder.
* pan con levadura = leavened bread ; yeasted bread.
* pan sin levadura = unleavened bread.
* sin levadura = unleavened.

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