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liberal, generous; lavish; learned
liberal; learner

willing, unhesitant


(n.) = liberal.
Nota: Nombre.
Ex: It beggars belief that the liberals view the golly as a racist artefact of unenlightened times.
(adj.) = liberal ; liberal-minded ; freewheeling [free-wheeling] ; free-thinking.
Ex: This article suggests that to limit research to that which is useful is a conservative reaction from a seemingly liberal profession.
Ex: Almost without exception libraries have agreed with the liberal-minded who wanted to make the immigrants' transition into a new society as painless as possible.
Ex: The culture that grew around this institution was even more freewheeling than it is today.
Ex: The boldness of their appearance charmed many free-thinking courtiers at the same time that it scandalized the conservative contingent.
* actitud liberal = liberal attitude.
* artes liberales, las = liberal arts, the.
* chica liberal = flapper.
* de pensamiento liberal = free-thinking.
* educación liberal = liberal education.
* neoliberal = neo-liberal [neo liberal].
* Partido Liberal Democrático, el = Liberal Democrats, the.
* pensamiento liberal = liberal thought.
* profesión liberal = liberal profession.
* reforma liberal = liberal reform.

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