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discharged, dismissed
graduate, alumnus


(n.) = major ; graduate ; licentiate ; grad (graduate) ; alumnus [alumni, -pl.] ; alum.
Nota: Abreviatura de alumnus.
Ex: The target user group was the approximately 100 senior economics major completing theses.
Ex: In general, off-campus graduates were older, less mobile, had more family responsibilities, and used support structures generally available to mature adults.
Ex: The achievement of these aims is analysed in practical terms, and the specific problems of licentiates and technicians discussed.
Ex: The article 'New directions for recent grads' surveys the employment of 1994 graduates of library schools in the USA.
Ex: The article 'S.R. Ranganathan: distinguished alumnus' details the life and work of S.R. Ranganathan with particular reference to his time spent at University College London, School of Librarianship.
Ex: It is time for professional associations to distance themselves from educational programs who have no use for the work their alums do.
* fábrica de licenciados = diploma mill.
* licenciado en biblioteconomía y documentación = MLS graduate.
* Licenciado en Gestión Empresarial = MBA (Master of Business Administration).
* recién licenciado = graduating student.
* licenciarse = graduate.
* licenciarse con matrícula = graduate with + honours.
* licenciarse con un expediente de honor = graduate with + honours.

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