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Lima, capital city of Peru (country in South America)
lime, small green citrus fruit with juicy sour pulp; file, tool for smoothing surfaces; shirt, garment with long or short sleeves that is worn on the upper body
file, smooth with a file



it files


= Lima.
Ex: Lima, Peru, is an extraordinary city, but it takes a little getting used to.
(n.) = file.
Ex: The piece was fashioned by hand with the use of a file and accurately measured with the use of a digital micrometer.
* comer como una lima = eat like + a horse ; eat like + an elephant.
* lima de esmeril = emery board.
* lima de uñas = emery board ; nail file.
(n.) = lime ; lime tree.
Ex: Over 60% is production of oranges, followed by the group of mandarins, clementines, satsumas and tangerines, followed by lemons and limes, and then grapefruit.
Ex: Lime trees are frequently planted as ornamental trees, very often for tree-lined walks.
* bebida de lima = lime crush.
* limar asperezas = iron out + the bugs ; knock + the rough edges off.
* limar las diferencias = iron out + differences ; flatten out + differences.

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