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clean, wash; tidy; clean out, turn out; cleanse; scrape; swab, swob; wipe; dust; shine, polish; efface; manicure


(v.) = clean up ; wipe (over) ; cleanse ; clean out ; manicure ; get + Nombre + clean ; purify ; clear up ; clean ; wipe + Nombre + clean ; wipe down ; wipe off ; neaten (up) ; mop up ; degunk.
Ex: The file to be cleaned up is first chosen from a list of files.
Ex: These plates can be stored and used again time after time provided they are wiped over with a gum solution after each use to prevent oxydization.
Ex: Librarians were terrorised and their collections cleansed of ideologically harmful works.
Ex: The article 'The public library service in Scotland -- cleaning out the stables' concludes that the recent spate of library legislation must be halted.
Ex: Army officials would often manicure locations before journalists would enter and so it took far too long for anyone to start being critical of the war.
Ex: The problem with most garlic crushers is getting them clean afterwards.
Ex: Scientists have identified a new technique for cleansing contaminated water and potentially purifying hydrogen for use in fuel cells.
Ex: What they will not do is clear up the foggy area in most cataloguers' minds, the area that leads to an inconsistent application of half-understood principles'.
Ex: After each use, the tools must be cleaned.
Ex: This paint comes in a fawn colour with a matte finish that allows you to wipe clean surface dirt and grime without damaging the surface.
Ex: Use a dry paper towel or dust rag to wipe down the ceiling, paying special attention to the corners.
Ex: Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe off the water and any remaining paint.
Ex: Many people trim their cuticles to neaten the overall appearance of their fingers and hands.
Ex: Emergency crews are mopping up after a devastating thunderstorm, which dumped 30mm of rain in two hours.
Ex: Hopefully what I've done will have degunked any gunk there was and extended the life of my washing machine.
* desmontar y limpiar = strip and clean.
* limpiar a fondo = spring-clean ; clear out.
* limpiar con agua = wash away.
* limpiar de impurezas = purify.
* limpiar el polvo = dust.
* limpiar el terreno de árboles = clear + land.
* limpiar en seco = dry clean only ; dry clean.
* limpiar la suciedad = clean up + the mess ; clear away + a mess.
* limpiarse el culo = wipe + Posesivo + bum ; wipe + Posesivo + ass.
* limpiarse las lágrimas = wipe (away) + Posesivo + tears.
* limpiarse los dientes con hilo dental = floss + Posesivo + teeth.

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