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cleaning, washing, removing dirt; shining; ablution; immaculacy; integrity

cleanliness, purity



(n.) = cleaning ; clearance ; cleanliness ; cleansing ; cleanup [clean-up] ; cleanness.
Ex: I don't think it's the poor cleaning -- I think it's the patients that are dirty and have very poor hygenes themselves.
Ex: Most of the larger cities have set up wholesale slum clearance programmes and rehousing in council housing and high-rise flats.
Ex: The duties of the librarian -- to maintain cleanliness, and update lists of all works in the collection -- were initially prescribed by state legislation.
Ex: This article discusses the extent of the damage, the cleansing operation by library staff and by specialist cleaners, and problems experienced.
Ex: In the clean-up operation that you just described you recalled a figure of approximately 11,000 transactions.
Ex: Banana contains large amounts of soluble fiber, which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria keeping the cleanness of the intestinal tract.
* caja de accesorios de limpieza = cleaning kit.
* de mantenimiento y limpieza = janitorial.
* empresa de la limpieza = cleaning firm.
* empresa de limpieza = janitorial business ; cleaning business.
* hacer la limpieza = do + the cleaning.
* la limpieza lo es todo = cleanliness is next to godliness.
* limpieza a fondo = clear-out ; spring cleaning ; spring clean.
* limpieza de cutis = facial.
* limpieza de datos = data cleaning.
* limpieza de la sangre = racial purity.
* limpieza del polvo = dusting.
* limpieza de malas hierbas = weeding.
* limpieza en seco = dry cleaning.
* limpieza interna = internal cleansing.
* limpieza racial = ethnic cleansing.
* limpieza total = clean sweep.
* muchacha de la limpieza = cleaning lady ; cleaning woman.
* mujer de la limpieza = cleaning lady ; cleaning woman.
* producto de limpieza = cleaning product ; cleanser ; cleaner.
* señora de la limpieza = cleaning lady ; cleaning woman ; housekeeper.
* servicio de limpieza = janitorial services.
* tienda de limpieza en seco = dry cleaners.

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