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bundle, package; wad; mess, mix up; pell-mell, uproar
tie, tie up, bind; roll

confusion, in a muddle, mess, chaos

mess it tied pack

(n.) = mess ; jumble ; hassle ; cock-up ; bedlam ; snarl ; snarl-up ; a pretty kettle of fish ; a fine kettle of fish ; palaver ; predicament ; rigmarole [rigamarole] ; muck-up ; can of worms ; scrape ; bovver ; entanglement.
Ex: 'Look, Mel,' said James after the hiatus, 'I'm irritated at the convoluted mess this simple case of filling a vacancy has become'.
Ex: Compared to this fairly ordered monographic literature, the multiple contents of a collection of periodicals seemed like a terrible jumble.
Ex: The article is entitled 'How to implement electronic subscriptions replacing the routing list hassle'.
Ex: The repatriation of the emigres was a tragic oversight rather than a war crime, a cock-up rather than a conspiracy.
Ex: In subsequent years, Bethlem became 'Bedlam,' a metaphor for madness; being so long the only public receptacle for the insane, it became equated with madness itself.
Ex: His work is such a snarl of so many different things that it is as endlessly demanding as it is rewarding.
Ex: However, taxi is a more advisable option considering the never-ending Bangkok traffic snarl-up, especially during the rush hour.
Ex: A pretty kettle of fish indeed, out of whom only Tracy is really trying seriously to make a new life for herself.
Ex: Knowing the historical roots of their misfortune may not make it easier for them to escape the fine kettle of fish they are in.
Ex: Most fashion-conscious shoppers will beaware of the palaver caused last month by the swastika design embroidered on a Zara handbag.
Ex: Any attempt to coerce a response without good reason based on that child's present predicament is to place in jeopardy the child's willing engagement now and in the future.
Ex: The government is creating a rigmarole of a process for residents to exercise their constitutional right.
Ex: We realise it's nobody's fault, but it's such a muck-up.
Ex: Had you done that 14 years ago, you would have had a much smaller can of worms to deal with.
Ex: he could not understand how a person of my evident intelligence should get into such a scrape.
Ex: These uneducated buffoons will be out in force tonight eagerly looking for that opportunity to cause some 'bovver'.
Ex: The humorous tale of Juan Dominguez, an incorrigible skirt chaser, starts with his arrival in Mexico City after fleeing his hometown because of his entanglements with women.
* armarse un lío = get into + a muddle.
* armar un lío = kick up + a fuss ; kick up + a stink ; raise + a stink ; make + a stink (about) ; make + a racket ; make + trouble ; make + a row ; make + a ruckus ; kick up + a row ; hit + the roof ; kick up + a storm ; hit + the ceiling ; go through + the roof ; go through + the ceiling ; raise + the roof ; make + a big deal about.
* ¡En qué lío cada vez más complicado nos metemos al mentir! = O what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!.
* en un lío = in a (pretty) pickle ; in a turmoil ; in a twirl.
* estar hecho un lío = be at sixes and sevens with ; be in a tizz(y).
* hacerse un lío = be in a tizz(y) ; get into + a muddle.
* lío amoroso = fling ; affair ; emotional affair.
* lío sentimental = affair ; fling ; emotional affair.
* meterse en líos = get in(to) + trouble ; get into + difficulties ; get into + a mess ; get into + a fix ; get into + a jam ; get into + a pickle ; get + Reflexivo + into a fine mess ; get into + hot water ; get into + trouble.
* meterse en un lío = be in trouble ; get into + a predicament ; get into + a muddle ; be up a gumtree.
* no meterse en líos = keep out of + trouble.
* ¡qué lío! = what a palaver!.
* tener un lío amooso = have + a bit on the side.
* tener un lío amoroso = have + an affair ; have + a fling ; have + a love affair.
(v.) = roll up ; strap ; wrap up ; snarl up.
Ex: Occasionally charts or maps are rolled up and stored in cardboard rolls housed in a structure like an umbrella stand.
Ex: Microfilm is said to have been invented during the Franco-Prussian War, to send reduced diagrams of troop positions by strapping these to the legs of carrier pigeons.
Ex: Finally, the type faces were inspected for defects, and the sort was wrapped up in a packet for delivery.
Ex: If all goes as usual, it will snow approximately one inch and completely snarl up traffic until melted.
* liarse la manta a la cabeza = jump in + head-first ; jump in at + the deep end ; throw + caution to the wind.

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