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all set, arranged and ready, ready and willing
ready, prepared, set; poised; clever, sharp-witted; able, apt; cute

finished, ready, through


(v.) = list.
Ex: Most such bulletins list titles or abstracts, together with citations of relevant new documents in the subject area.
(adj.) = clever ; brainy ; shrewd ; smart ; bright .
Ex: It is readily possible to construct a machine which will manipulate premises in accordance with formal logic, simply by the clever use of relay circuits.
Ex: It has been said that, with this show, a canny critic inaugurated the enticingly slick and brainy strain of 1980s art.
Ex: Payment is very important and can be a problem so the businessman needs to be streetwise and shrewd with a good business acumen.
Ex: They tend to think that they would be exposing ignorance such smart people are not supposed to have if they ask a question of the reference staff.
Ex: It is clear to me that we must be attracting the best, the brightest and the most creative students possible.
* más listo que el hambre = as bright as a button.
* no muy listos, los = none-too-bright, the.
* pasarse de listo = be (far) too smart for + Posesivo + own good ; be (far) too clever for + Posesivo + own good.
* persona no muy lista pero trabajadora = plodder.
* tío listo = smart cookie.
* tipo listo = smart cookie.
= ready ; at the ready.
Ex: Copies with holds must be cataloged quickly to have them ready for the borrower.
Ex: The Queen's undertakers keep a special coffin at the ready in case a member of the Royal family dies suddenly abroad.
* dar la señal de estar listo = prompt.
* estar listo = stand + ready ; be ready.
* estar listo para = be poised to ; stand + poised ; be all set to.
* indicador de estar listo = screen prompt.
* listo para = on track for.
* listo para el combate = battle-ready.
* listo para el consumo = ready-to-eat.
* listo para ensamblar = flat pack.
* listo para montar = flat pack.
* listo para usar = off-the-rack ; ready-to-use.
* listo para usarse = on tap.
* ¡Preparados, listos, ya! = On your mark, get set, go! ; ready, set, go! ; Ready, steady, go!.
* ¡y listo! = and presto.

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