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strip; (Mexico) ribbon; cleat; lath; batten

groin cleat, batten

(n.) = benchmark ; batten ; lath ; crossbar ; slat.
Ex: Existing wireline networks, with their ubiquity, seamless operations, and ease of use, have provided clear benchmarks for satisfying customers' basic personal communications needs.
Ex: Battens have plenty of other uses besides battening down hatches.
Ex: Soft, crumbly plaster should be removed down to the lath and out as far as the firmly attached areas in preparation for patching.
Ex: In crossbars used in pole vaulting and high jumping a well known problem exists due to the tendency of the crossbar to sag under its own weight.
Ex: Venetian blinds with slats an inch wide are worth $20 to $300.
* bajar el listón = lower + the bar.
* subir el listón = raise + the bar ; move it up + a gear ; take it up + a gear ; notch it up + a gear ; take it up + a notch ; crank it up + a notch ; crank it up + a gear ; move it up + a notch.

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