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drive to (compel)

(v.) = lead on to ; lead up to ; result (in) ; take + Nombre + back to ; usher into ; put + Nombre + on the (right) path to ; put + Nombre + on the (right) road to.
Ex: A critical view taken of library consultants in general leads on to the identification of factors that will assist libraries in selecting consultants. Ex: The preliminary discussions and proposals which led up to the AACR, did start out with an attempt to fashion an ideology, a philosophical context, for those rules. Ex: Objective 1 results in what is known as a direct catalogue, because it gives direct access to a specific document. Ex: Becker takes the topic all the way back to the Coonskin Library and frontier days. Ex: After a quick tour of the facilities and after meeting a few staff members, Bibeau was ushered into the 'Board Room,' where he was introduced to the other remaining trustees. Ex: Playing sports can help you through tough periods and put you on the path to a healthy adult life. Ex: This book is a virtual encyclopaedia of information on success that will put you on the right road to a bright future.

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