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wolf, wild dog



(n.) = wolf [wolves, -pl.].
Ex: A good reference librarian should be able to answer questions such as 'Where can I find information on wolves and the behaviour of wolf packs?'.
* hombre lobo = werewolf [werewolves, -pl.].
* lobo de mar = sea dog ; salty dog ; salty sea dog.
* lobo disfrazado de cordero = wolf in sheep's clothing.
* lobo solitario = lone wolf.
* manada de lobos = wolf pack.
* meter el lobo en el redil = set + the cat among the pigeons ; put + the cat among the pigeons ; stir up + a hornet's nest ; raise + hell.
* meter el lobo en redil = raise + Cain.
* meterse en la boca del lobo = come into + the lion's den.
* negro como boca de lobo = pitch-black.
* oscuro como boca de lobo = pitch-black ; pitch-dark.
* que viene el lobo = crying wolf.
* verle las orejas al lobo = the (hand)writing + be + on the wall ; see it + coming.
* viejo lobo de mar = old sea dog ; old salty dog.

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