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more or less; about; roughly speaking

grosso modo (estimation) so so (general)

= more or less ; of a sort ; or so ; of sorts ; after a fashion ; round about ; roughly speaking ; give or take ; ballpark ; kinda [kind of] ; sorta [sort of].
Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS stores library files that contain more or less the same information found in manual files in libraries everywhere. Ex: True, the machine is sometimes controlled by a keyboard, and thought of a sort enters in reading the figures and poking the corresponding keys, but even this is avoidable. Ex: For example, in a normal indexing service all the documents listed in the issue for a specific month will have been published in the last year or so. Ex: In summary, accountability has been perceived by some as a threat of sorts. Ex: Koenig had a flat-platen machine working after a fashion in 1811, and a prototype cylinder machine in 1812 = Koenig ya en 1811 tenía una máquina de presión plana que más o menos funcionaba y un prototipo de máquina rotativa en 1812. Ex: Estimates of the books currently in print in Britain usually give a number of round about a quarter of a million titles. Ex: Roughly speaking one-third of book publishers publish only one new book each every six months. Ex: President Bush estimated the Iraqi civilian death toll at 30,000; give or take a few thousand. Ex: In hindsight about 350k dollars (ballpark) turned out to be the magic number. Ex: This paper examines colloquial contractions (spelling variants such as 'kinda' and 'hafta') against a background of other variations in the English writing system. Ex: I feel sorta guilty for spending most of this beautiful afternoon bed. = relatively + Adverbio.
Ex: The solution is fine when the qualifying term that the user seeks is present, and is used relatively consistently.

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