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slow; thick
flowerpot, pot or other container in which flowers are grown; pot



(n.) = plant pot ; flower pot.
Ex: Security cameras in a shopping mall have recorded the video footage of a man taking a dump in a plant pot during daytime.
Ex: Four men were last night charged with importing 35 kilograms of cocaine concealed in flower pots.
* abono orgánico para macetas = potting compost ; potting soil.
* abono vegetal para macetas = potting compost ; potting soil.
* colocar un trozo de maceta sobre el agüjero de drenaje = crock + the pot.
* compost para macetas = potting compost ; potting soil.
* en maceta = potted.
* plantado en maceta = potted.
* plantar en maceta = pot.
* poner en maceta = pot.
* sembrar en maceta = pot.
* trozo de maceta = a piece of + broken crock.

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