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male, of or pertaining to the male gender, masculine
macho, strongly masculine or assertive man; mule, animal which is a hybrid of a horse and a donkey; peg, pin; sledge hammer, big and heavy hammer; buttress, support; man, adult male human; mate, friend, companion
souse, make intoxicated (Slang)



(n.) = stud ; male.
Ex: 'Slut'/'angel' and 'wuss'/'stud' dichotomies provide an oversimplified grid from which adolescents negotiate complex feelings towards their own sexuality.
Ex: The decision has been made to use the term males instead of the term Men in the indexing of documents.
* agarrarse los machos = batten down + the hatches.
* apretarse los machos = gird (up) + Posesivo + loins.
* cabra macho = billy-goat ; he-goat.
* cerdo macho = boar.
* gato macho = tomcat.
* macho alfa = alpha male.
* macho beta = beta male.
* mulo macho = john mule ; horse mule.
* Nombre de Pájaro + macho = cock + Nombre de Pájaro.
(n.) = tough guy.
Ex: It seems like they are just some tough guys with no balls to pick a fight.

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