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ripe, mellow, mature
ripen, mellow; mature

mature, ripe


ripe, mature

(n.) = mature ; middle-aged ; ripe ; mellow ; aged.
Ex: There may be conflicts between the needs of new and mature users.
Ex: One day, quite a few years ago now, a middle-aged mother discovered that her teenage daughter sometimes smoked pot with her friends after school.
Ex: It is undeniable that the ripest crop of unrecognised great inventors, long-lost heirs to dormant peerages, and assorted harmless drudges is to be gathered in the great general libraries of our major cities.
Ex: This yummy and mellow fruit is full of phytonutrients, helps fight chronic disease and improves memory and learning.
Ex: Ageist forms of headings like CHILDREN-MANAGEMENT (instead of the familiar and nonjudgmental CHILD-REARING) and aged (instead of SENIORS or SENIOR CITIZENS) should not be used.
* demasiado maduro = overripe.
* estar a las duras y a las maduras = take + the bad with the good ; take + the good and bad.
* fruta demasiado madura = overripe fruit.
* jardín (muy/bastante) maduro = well-established garden ; mature garden.
* no del todo maduro = underripe.
* poco maduro = underripe.
* tomar las duras con las maduras = take + the bad with the good ; take + the good and bad.
(v.) = mature ; ripen ; mellow.
Ex: As archival preservation matures, it becomes increasingly likely that the lion's share of actual preservation activity will not be carried out by a conservator.
Ex: Infected fruit has elongated, slightly sunken, reddish areas or streaks, but the marks disappear as the fruit ripens.
Ex: This wine has a luxurious red colour with soft and sweet notes on the nose, although the tannins will need time to mellow.
* sin madurar = unripened.

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