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great, splendid, super duper
splendid, superb, magnificent, great, marvelous



= exciting ; magnificent ; superb ; splendid ; fabulous ; glorious ; gorgeous ; many splendoured ; princely ; super-duper ; a heck of a + Nombre ; fab.
Nota: Abreviatura de fabulous.
Ex: Finally, I wish to thank all of the speakers, reactors, and attendees who made these institutes so memorable, exciting, and rewarding.
Ex: Although the work of the CRG makes fascinating reading, and magnificent contributions were made towards the clarification of the principles of classification, much work remain to be done.
Ex: The image of the reference librarian, as portrayed by Katherine Hepburn in the film, 'Desk Set,' suggests the superb flair and intellectual acumen with which reference librarians would like to dazzle their patrons.
Ex: She wanted to suggest some course of action splendid and decisive, and was perturbed to find that she could not.
Ex: The whole question of the language used in folk stories and the qualities to look for is studied at length by Elizabeth Cook in 'The Ordinary and the fabulous', a book of inexhaustible value to teachers and all those engaged in storytelling and reading aloud.
Ex: In other words, compare the glorious statements made about the purpose of libraries in 1849 with the opening of Manchester Public Library, with one ceremony for the working class and one for the 'nobs'.
Ex: The hotel features 428 newly renovated guest rooms with upscale southwestern décor and private balconies with gorgeous mountain views = El hotel ofrece 428 habitaciones renovadas recientemente con una decoración de lujo al estilo del suroeste del país y balcones con magníficas vistas a las montañas.
Ex: In the article 'Love is a many splendoured thing' a selection of 13 writers of romance, both new and veteran, all on the rise in their field, discuss their craft and the challenges of today's market.
Ex: By my most delightful excursion was to Hamilton itself, one of the most princely places I have ever visited.
Ex: He recently passed away due to a heart attack and he was a super-duper awesome guy.
Ex: Well, it's been a heck of a weekend so far.
Ex: After seeing her video, who can't love her with her fab hair combined with her fab fashion.
* ejemplo magnífico = shining example.
* ser magnífico + Gerundio = be terrific at + Gerundio.
* tener un aspecto magnífico = look + superb.

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