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tongue, language or dialect; sore; insect bite, sting of an insect
damned, cursed, accursed
darn; extra, one who performs a secondary role in a film


(adj.) = damn ; wretched ; damned ; freaking [frigging] ; frigging [freaking] ; fucking ; bloody ; goddam(n) ; goddamned ; effing ; blooming ; accursed ; accurst ; dang ; ruddy .
Ex: And we can't do it if we're again slavishly and uncritically, for reasons of imagined cost savings, accepting every damn thing that comes out of the tube.
Ex: A card catalog has the capability of being kept up to date, but it is a wretched way to make information available.
Ex: Literature can have only a formal use for utterly damned souls -- or for saints.
Ex: Of course, we are freaking worried sick of this merger so much so I can't even sleep well at night!.
Ex: Now its a frigging oil drum and the reason nobody would take it was because there was a tiny bit of oil in the bottom.
Ex: These people should be shot on sight and all their genetic material vaporized... fucking losers.
Ex: Prince Charles has admitted he is a 'bloody nuisance' lobbying on green issues but concedes he will have to curb his campaigning when he becomes king.
Ex: It's all goddam lies from start to finish.
Ex: Is it true that President Bush called the Constitution a 'goddamned piece of paper'?.
Ex: They work so effing hard and the so called fans give them a kick in the teeth when they need their support the most.
Ex: I'm still trying to establish what the fashion etiquette is for dressing in such blooming cold weather.
Ex: As for the cats, Ta-Shi will keep them wrapped around her accursed finger long enough to seal their fate.
Ex: He yanked off her accurst burka and announced every woman in India had a duty to campaign against purdah or else no woman in India would be free.
Ex: The fool behind me was in such a dang hurry that he wanted me to run the people over who were crossing the street.
Ex: With his own life in such a ruddy mess, what right had he to give advice to his assistant?.
* maldita enfermedad = dreaded lurgy, the.
* maldito achaque = dreaded lurgy, the.
* maldito dinero = filthy lucre.

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