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suck, act of sucking; sound produced by sucking; something that is is sucked; (vulgar) fellatio, oral stimulation of the male sex organ
drunk (Latin America); silly, stupid, foolish (Caribbean); easy; worry-free


(n.) = blow job.
Ex: My boyfriend enjoys blow jobs and I am sure after I try all these tips on him he will be amazed!.
(adj.) = drunk back ; blind drunk ; drunk ; squiffy ; like three sheets to the wind ; sloshed ; plastered.
Ex: Is it not against the law to release a drunk back into society who may be still under the infuence?.
Ex: New research published today finds that even having just one stiff drink can make you 'blind drunk'.
Ex: Most innkeepers were crooks, the food was bad, and the inns were frequented by cutthroats and drunks.
Ex: It'd be horrible to be one of those people who got morose when they were slightly squiffy.
Ex: There definitely are things you should stay away from, unless you're already like three sheets to the wind and you don't give a fuck.
Ex: I was with Megan and she was sloshed but still more coherent than me and she had some hillarious stories the next morning.
Ex: He was plastered but still remained concious enough to tell some good jokes.

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