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handle, manage; run, operate, work; use; tend; drive; steer


drive, to

to manage

(v.) = handle ; manage ; manipulate ; wield ; find + Posesivo + way (a)round/through + Complemento.
Ex: An author's name is usually shorter than a title, and thus is arguably easier to handle and remember.
Ex: In the same way, files of item record cards can be difficult to manage if the file size exceeds, say, 2000 cards.
Ex: Different stores offer access to distinct types of information or data and permit the information to be manipulated to varying extents.
Ex: Not so long ago, books in British Libraries were always issued by a Library Assistant wielding a rubber date stamp and storing cards in trays.
Ex: Those familiar with conventional lists of subject headings will have no difficulty in finding their way around a typical thesaurus.
* acostumbrarse a manejar Algo = get + the hang of.
* aprender a manejar Algo = get + the hang of.
* capacidad de manejar la información = information handling.
* difícil de manejar = clumsy ; unwieldy.
* manejar a Alguien a + Posesivo + antojo = have + Nombre + eating out of + Posesivo + hand.
* manejar con cuidado = handle + Nombre + with caution.
* manejar con una horca = pitchfork.
* manejar descuidadamente = toss about.
* manejar indebidamente = tamper (with).
* manejar mal = mishandle.
* volver a manejar = rehandle.
(v.) = drive ; drive along.
Ex: Tomás Hernández drove cautiously in the torrential rain, trying not to swerve on the slick pavement of the turnpike.
Ex: A motorist who drove along 20ft of a railway line told police officers his sat nav had directed him to turn on to the track.

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