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hose, flexible tube through which water or other liquids are conveyed; sleeve, part of a shirt which covers the arm; protective cover or case (as for a book or record); cylinder, tubular piece (Machinery); cheesecloth; windsock
pinch, pocket




(n.) = Manga.
Ex: Manga comics utilize the highly distinctive artistic styles found in Japenese comic books and Anime (animated cartoons) = Los comics manga utilizan estilos artísticos muy peculiares típicos de los tebeos y Anime (dibujos animados) japoneses.
(n.) = sleeve.
Ex: The cord which trips its shutter may reach down a man's sleeve within easy reach of his fingers.
* camiseta de mangas cortas = T-shirt [tee-shirt].
* de mangas cortas = short-sleeved.
* de mangas largas = long-sleeved ; long-sleeve.
* en mangas de camisa = in + Posesivo + short-sleeves.
* estar manga por hombro = be a (complete) shambles ; be (in) a (real) mess.
* hacer un corte de mangas = give + Alguien + the (middle) finger ; flip + Alguien + the bird ; flip + Alguien + off.
* manga de camisa = short sleeve.
* manga de mariposa = butterfly net.
* manga por hombro = topsy-turvy ; in shambles ; upside down ; all over the place.
* mangas de camisa = shirt-sleeve.
* más corto que las mangas de un chaleco = as thick as two (short) planks ; as shy as shy can be ; as thick as a brick ; as daft as a brush ; knucklehead.
* poner todo manga por hombro = turn + everything upside down.
* primera manga = first leg ; away game.
* segunda manga = second leg.
* sin mangas = sleeveless.
(v.) = swipe ; nick.
Ex: A thief has swiped the solid-gold medallion given as a Nobel Prize in Physics to Ernest Lawrence.
Ex: It's more advisable to have a cheap and skanky bike for pootling around town, the idea being that no-one would want to nick a nasty looking bike.

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