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mango, tropical evergreen tree; oblong smooth-skinned fruit of the mango tree; handle, helve, haft
pinch, pocket





(v.) = swipe ; nick.
Ex: A thief has swiped the solid-gold medallion given as a Nobel Prize in Physics to Ernest Lawrence.
Ex: It's more advisable to have a cheap and skanky bike for pootling around town, the idea being that no-one would want to nick a nasty looking bike.
(n.) = handle ; shank.
Ex: The ball pelts, which were usually sheepskin, were fixed to the handles with nails which were only lightly knocked in, and were removed after the day's work (and often during the midday break as well).
Ex: Further down still the shank of the spindle, rounded again, entered the hose, which was an oblong rectangular wooden box, 25 cm. long by 12.5 cm. square bored with a hole to take the spindle down its long axis.
* de mango largo = long-handed ; long-handled.
* mango de ducha = shower head.
* tener la sartén por el mango = call + the shots ; be the boss ; call + the tune ; rule + the roost ; have + the upper hand ; run + the show ; win + the high ground ; gain + the upper hand ; get + the upper hand.
(n.) = mango [mangoes, -pl.].
Ex: The writer portrays it as colorful town of peasants, mangoes, papayas, yams, donkeys, dirt-floored cottages, and the market place.

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