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butter, solid fat substance derived from milk




(n.) = butter.
Ex: Can you wonder that it should carry such deposits of jam, egg, butter, coffee and personal dirt?.
* batir mantequilla = churn + butter.
* cortar Algo como si fuera mantequilla = cut through + Nombre + like a (hot) knife through butter.
* cortarse como la mantequilla = cut like + butter.
* crema de mantequilla = buttercream.
* cuchillo de mantequilla = butter knife.
* cuchillo de untar mantequilla = butter knife.
* galleta escocesa de mantequilla = shortbread.
* hacer mantequilla = churn + butter.
* porción de mantequilla = pat of butter.
* suero de mantequilla = buttermilk.
* un poquito de mantequilla = a knob of butter.
* untar mantequilla = butter.
* un trocito de mantequilla = a knob of butter.

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