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mark; stamp; footprint; trademark; performance; patent; landmark; (Computers) bookmark, Internet address saved in a user's list of favorite sites; (Computers) tag
mark, indicate, signal; write down, record; notice; make a mark; score

make, brand



(n.) = mark ; marker ; tick ; check ; check mark [checkmark] ; imprint ; print ; scar ; pockmark ; marking.
Ex: Representations can be stored and communicated through different physical media: marks, signs, waves, card, vinyl, magnetic tape, and so on.
Ex: Extraction is carried out with the help of a dictionary of formal text characteristics (markers, connectors, indicators).
Ex: Those terms to appear in the lead position, ie are required as access terms, are indicated usually by placing a tick (check) over them.
Ex: Those terms to appear in the lead position, ie are required as access terms, are indicated usually by placing a tick (check) over them.
Ex: A small check mark beside a heading can indicate that the heading was found in the source.
Ex: Harris was a librarian par excellence, whose imprint will become indelible in the history of Nigerian librarianship.
Ex: Some of the exhibition's objects are plaster casts of such perishables as dying daffodil heads and hoof prints.
Ex: The scars will take months and years to heal.
Ex: Many walls still bear the pockmarks left by bullets.
Ex: Most provide catalogue cards with books, and some process the material by providing, for example markings, book pockets and cards.
* asignación de la marca de Cutter = Cuttering.
* asignar la marca de Cutter = Cutter.
* dejar una marca = leave + Posesivo + mark.
* hacer una marca para indicar el lugar donde uno se ha quedado leyendo = mark + Posesivo + place.
* identificación mediante marcas = tagging.
* línea con marcas entrecortadas = dashed line.
* llevar la marca de = bear + the mark(s) of ; bear + the stamp of ; bear + the imprint of ; bear + the hallmarks of ; have + the hallmarks of.
* llevar la marca distintiva de = bear + the hallmarks of ; have + the hallmarks of.
* marca de agua = watermark.
* marca de Cutter = Cutter mark ; Cutter numbers.
* marca de derrape = skid mark.
* marca de distinción = mark of distinction.
* marca de final de campo = delimiter.
* marca de frenazo = skid mark.
* marca de inserción = caret (^).
* marca del acné = pockmark.
* marca de la viruela = pockmark.
* marca de nacimiento = birthmark.
* marca de patinazo = skid mark.
* marca de rachazo = skid mark.
* marca de rozadura = scuff mark.
* marca de subcampo = subfield marker.
* marca distintiva = hallmark ; distinguishing mark.
* marca identificadora = marking.
* marca mundial = world record.
* marca personal = personal record.
* marcas de agua = watermarking.
* marcas de agua digitales = digital watermarking.
* poner una marca de comprobación = check-mark.
* quitar la marca = unmark.
* tonto de marca mayor = prize idiot.
(n.) = make ; brand ; designer label.
Nota: Especialmente referido a ropa.
Ex: Certain makes of microprocessor have achieved sufficient sales to stimulate the production of a wide range of off-the-peg application packages.
Ex: Now it is easy to realize this because they no longer stand for living controversies: Kipling's brand of imperialism and Shaw's brand of revolutionary socialism are both things of the past.
Ex: They release selected second-hand clothes into fleamarket circulation labelled with their own designer label.
* con marca = branded.
* crear una marca de identidad = branding.
* de marca = branded.
* marca comercial = brand name ; servicemark ; trade name ; trademark [trade mark].
* marca corporativa = corporate branding ; corporate brand.
* marca de diseño = designer brand.
* marca muy conocida = household brand.
* marca rara = rare make.
* marca registrada = brand name ; registered trademark ; proprietary ; trademark [trade mark].
(v.) = flag ; mark ; mark off ; tag ; tick (off) ; leave + Posesivo + mark ; brand (as) ; stigmatise [stigmatize, -USA] ; tinge.
Ex: Since the fields are of different lengths in different records it is necessary that the beginning and end of fields be flagged in some way.
Ex: In addition, synthesis often requires the use of a facet indicator, which marks the beginning of a new facet for example.
Ex: Human intervention may also be necessary to mark off the area in the string on the title page that should be indexed, and possibly to add an imprint date if not present.
Ex: It is occasionally useful for administrative purposes to be able to tag borrowers so that they may be intercepted during charge-out.
Ex: In particular note, for example by ticking them, those terms that merit a turn in the lead position, and those that do not.
Ex: Unfortunately, age and lack of proper care have left their marks on many valuable publications, some of which can no longer be used today.
Ex: Music by Jewish composers and works were branded in Nazi Germany as degenerate art.
Ex: Findings reaffirm that television stigmatises the occupation of business, independently of economic factors.
Ex: But the relief was tinged with apprehension that the new housing would lead to slums and crime, as some opponents have long feared.
* acción de marcar un número = dialling.
* marcar con filigrana = watermark.
* marcar con tiza = chalk.
* marcar con un asterisco = star.
* marcar con un círculo = encircle ; circle.
* marcar el camino correcto = point + Nombre + in the right direction.
* marcar el comienzo = usher in.
* marcar el compás = beat + time.
* marcar el curso = chart + a course.
* marcar el final de = mark + the end of.
* marcar el inicio = usher in.
* marcar el tono = establish + the tone.
* marcar la diferencia = make + the difference ; make + a difference ; spell + the difference.
* marcar la pauta en = lead + the way in.
* marcar las pautas = set + the tone ; establish + the tone.
* marcar los límites = mark out.
* marcar paquete = flash + Posesivo + bulge ; show off + Posesivo + bulge.
* marcar + Posesivo + final = mark + Posesivo + end.
* marcar una etapa = mark + a stage.
* marcar una meta = set + a goal.
* marcar un ensayo = score + a try.
* marcar un hito = mark + a stage ; make + things happen ; mark + a watershed.
* marcar un hito histórico = make + history.
* marcar un número de teléfono = dial + number.
* marcar un objetivo = set + a goal.
* que marca época = landmark.
* que marca un hito = epoch-making.
* sin marcar = unpriced.
(v.) = score ; score ; net + the ball ; bucket.
Ex: Ithaca was off to a fast start, scoring twice in the game's first two minutes.
Ex: Closed system tendencies, such as invoking system controls designed to counteract differences and correct deviations (thus scoring creativity as error), only push the institution more rapidly toward extinction.
Ex: The object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team by netting the ball into a goal running the width of the playing field.
Ex: That game was played on a Saturday afternoon and in the finals that night, he bucketed 26 points.
* marcar un gol = score + a goal ; score ; poach + a goal ; net + a goal.
* marcar un penalti = convert + a penalty kick.
* marcar un tanto = score ; poach + a goal ; score + a goal.

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