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pearl; daisy, common flower with a yellow center and white petals; marguerite, daisy-like European plant with flowers with white petals and yellow centers (French); margarita, Mexican cocktail made from tequila mixed with juice and liqueur



(n.) = daisy.
Ex: A daisywheel printer has a wheel to do the actual printing which looks like a daisy and which has a character at the end of each 'petal'.
* echarle margaritas a los cerdos = cast pearls before swine.
* impresora de margarita = daisy wheel ; daisywheel printer.
* máquina de escribir de margarita = daisy-wheel typewriter.
* margarita de impresión = print wheel.
* margarita de impresora = daisy wheel.
(n.) = margarita.
Nota: Bebida de origen mejicano.
Ex: So if you want to take a tot or two of tequila or several margaritas with your meals, you now have a scientific excuse.

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