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register, list; registration, enrollment; registration number; tuition, fees
register, enroll; matriculate, register for or be admitted to university



(n.) = enrolment [enrollment, -USA] ; registration ; number plate ; license plate ; car registration plate.
Ex: If you are a continuing student you do not need to attend enrolment in person.
Ex: The borrower file is then searched to obtain a list of all those borrowers with registration dates before the cut-off date.
Ex: Number plate theft is on the increase, according to police data, an estimated 33000 number plates were reported stolen during 2004.
Ex: Since most license plates have a reflective quality that makes the surface shimmer.
Ex: British car registration plates have been in existence for more than a hundred years, with quite a few changes along the way.
* cuota de matrícula = enrolment fee ; registration fee(s).
* estudiante de matrícula de honor = straight-A student.
* estudiante de matrícula libre = external student.
* expediente de matrícula de honor = first class degree.
* gastos de matrícula = tuition ; registration fee(s) ; tuition fee(s).
* licenciarse con matrícula = graduate with + honours.
* matrícula compartida = intercampus registration.
* matrícula de coche = license plate ; number plate.
* número de matrícula = registration number ; car registration number.
* placa de matrícula = number plate ; license plate ; car registration plate.
* procedimiento de matrícula = enrolment procedure.
* tasa de matrícula = enrolment fee ; registration fee(s).
(v.) = register ; enrol [enroll, -USA].
Ex: Once a user is registered, a password will be issued which provides access to all or most of the data bases offered by the host as and when the user wishes.
Ex: Summer enrollment generally exceeds 5,000, while various extension programs throughout the state enroll approximately 4,000 students.
* matricularse = enrol [enroll, -USA] ; register.

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