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displayed, shown
womb, uterus; matrix, environment in which something develops; (Internet) supersystem that includes all the networks and computers that transfer electron; array, (Computers) arrangement of data elements along one or more dimensions



(n.) = hose ; master ; matrix [matrixes/matrices, -pl.] ; type image ; matrix [matrixes/matrices, -pl.].
Nota: En imprenta, molde usado para la fundición de los tipos de imprenta.
Ex: Further down still the shank of the spindle, rounded again, entered the hose, which was an oblong rectangular wooden box, 25 cm. long by 12.5 cm. square bored with a hole to take the spindle down its long axis.
Ex: The great significance of a fully developed network will be that it will relieve libraries of the necessity of maintaining their own copies of the master data base.
Ex: The combination of material type and borrower type specifies one cell in each of these matrices.
Ex: An edition is all those copies of an item produced from substantially the same type image, whether by direct contact or by photographic method.
Ex: The rate of production of ordinary matrices was slightly increased by the use of a screw press instead of a hammer for striking the punches, and of simple jigs for justification = El ritmo de producción de las matrices normales aumentó ligeramente por el uso de las prensas de tornillo en lugar de un martillo para golpear los tipos movibles y de unas simples plantillas de guía para la justificación.
* asiento matriz = master entry.
* documento matriz = master document.
* matrices = matrices [matrix, -sing.].
* matriz de puntos de impacto = impact dot matrix.
* matriz de similitud = similarity matrix.
* número matriz = master number.
* Procesador de Matrices de Texto (TAP) = Text Array Processor (TAP).
* registro matriz = master record.

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