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typescript, typed material


(adj.) = keyboarding ; typewritten.
Ex: Entries will have to be sorted prior to keyboarding.
Ex: It should be noted that in a typewritten text the edition statement is always underlined as indeed it is in a manuscript text.
* copia mecanografiada = typescript.
(v.) = keyboard ; type ; type in.
Nota: Introducir datos por medio de teclado.
Ex: One use of the Mouse is in free-hand drawing, but it also promises to improve drastically the way in which data can be manipulated once it has been keyboarded into a file.
Ex: To start Bibliofile just type 'bib' at the DOS prompt as shown below, then press <Enter>.
Ex: The following qualifiers may be added to any search by tabbing over to the appropriate heading and typing in the desired data.
* mecanografiar mal = mistype.

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