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through; by means of

by means of

= through ; by ; by the use of ; through the agency of ; via ; by means of.
Ex: The contributions are input to the data base, then referred and any suggestion made by the referee are communicated through the data base to the editor.
Ex: The name to be chosen for the author must be, by rule 40, 'the name by which he is commonly identified, whether it is his real name, or an assumed name, nickname, title of nobility, or other appellation'.
Ex: He is not even a man who can readily perform the transformations of equations by the use of calculus.
Ex: This article argues that critical thinking, a long sought after goal in the US educational system, may be taught efficiently through the agency of library use instructions within the college environment.
Ex: Access to the contents of data bases is via some computer-searching technique, often using an online terminal.
Ex: Documents may be retrieved by means of the coding around the edge of the card.
* acceso mediante línea telefónica = dial-access.
* acceso mediante llamada telefónica = dial-in access ; dial-up access ; dial up phone line.
* demarcación mediante párrafos = paragraphing.
* Dios mediante = God willing.
* hacer una búsqueda mediante el operador O = OR together.
* hacer una búsqueda mediante el operador Y = AND together.
* mediante el ordenador = computer-mediated.
* mediante el uso de los recursos = resource-based.
* mediante isótopos = isotopically.
* mediante la catálisis = catalytically.
* mediante la deducción = deductively.
* mediante la mitosis = mitotically.
* mediante la TI = IT-enabled.
* mediante llamada telefónica = call-in.
* mediante mapas = map-based.
* mediante microfichas = microfiche-based.
* mediante pistones = piston-driven.
* mediante satélite = satellite-based ; via satellite.
* mediante una entrevista = interview-based.
* pago mediante tarjeta = card payment.

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