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medicine, drug; physic

drug, medicine, pharmaceutical

(n.) = drug ; medication ; pharmaceutical ; medicinal product ; medical drug ; medicine.
Ex: Martindale is a large directory of drugs produced by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
Ex: Information obtained was used to check diagnoses, medications, or advice given to patients.
Ex: The emphasis of both developed and developing countries has been on pharmaceuticals.
Ex: The car boot is a far from ideal environment for the storage of medicinal products, subject as it is to extremes of temperature.
Ex: Some groups of medical drugs are already well-known for their potential of causing skin reactions.
Ex: The manual listed the instruments and medicines found in the medicine chest, and explained how to use them.
* despachar medicamentos = dispense + medicines.
* estar tomando medicamentos = be on medication.
* Ley de los Medicamentos Raros, la = Orphan Drug Act, the.
* medicamento abortivo = abortion-inducing drug ; abortifacient.
* medicamento genérico = generic drug.
* medicamentos con receta médica = prescription medication.
* medicamento sin receta médica = over-the-counter medicine.
* medicamentos sin receta médica = non-prescription medication ; over-the-counter medication.
* medicamento subvencionado = orphan drug.
* reacción adversa a los medicamentos = adverse drug reaction.
* recetar medicamentos = prescribe + medicines.
* relacionado con los medicamentos = drug-related.
* tomar medicamentos = take + drugs.

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