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measure; gauge; span; meter

to measure off

measure, to

to measure

to measure

(v.) = measure ; quantify ; gauge [gage, -USA] ; meter ; clock.
Ex: Thus it is apparent that it is easier to measure precision that recall.
Ex: The two measurements are quantified as the recall ratio and the precision ratio.
Ex: The 2nd 'Think Tank' held in Dallas, June 89, focused on gauging what breakthrough issues are occurring in the field that directly concern libraries and merit consideration.
Ex: The author concludes that a hybrid approach may be the ideal; involving an initial fee of one tenth the usual, single subscription price, and metering subsequent use.
Ex: The cameras clock your speed and if you are going faster than you are supposed to, you can get a speed ticket in the post.
* cinta de medir = measuring tape.
* fácil de medir = measurable.
* imposible de medir = incommemsurable ; incommensurate.
* jarra graduada para medir = measuring jug.
* medir a Alguien con el mismo patrón = treat + Nombre + the same (way) ; tar + Nombre + with the same brush ; treat + Nombre + equally.
* medir a dos raseros = double standard.
* medir el impacto de Algo = gauge + the impact of.
* medir el tiempo = clock + the time.
* medir fuerzas con = cross + swords with.
* medir lanzas con = cross + swords with.
* medir la profundidad de Algo = plumb + the depths of.
* medir las armas con = cross + swords with.
* medir las palabras = watch + Posesivo + mouth ; watch what + say ; weigh + Posesivo + words (carefully) ; choose + Posesivo + words (carefully) ; pick + Posesivo + words (carefully) ; measure + Posesivo + words (carefully).
* medirse la fuerzas (con) = lock + horns (with).
* medirse las fuerzas = pit against.
* sin medir = unmeasured.
* taza graduada para medir = measuring cup.

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