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improve, make better, increase in quality, enhance; become better, recuperate; fix up, repair; upgrade; gain; break, do better than


(v.) = ameliorate ; boost ; cultivate ; enhance ; improve ; optimise [optimize, -USA] ; scale up ; score over ; upgrade ; give + improvement (in) ; better ; bring + Nombre + up to par ; get + better ; gain + confidence (with/in) ; do + a better job ; pump up ; ease ; outdo ; jazz up ; take + a turn ; take + a turn ; take + a turn for the better ; turn + Nombre + (a)round ; polish + Nombre + up ; best ; trump ; buff up ; go + one better ; move it up + a gear ; notch it up + a gear ; take it up + a gear ; take it up + a notch ; crank it up + a notch ; crank it up + a gear ; move it up + a notch ; look up ; change for + the better ; take + a turn for the best ; get + well ; upscale ; upmarket ; outshine ; outclass ; overmatch ; do + one better ; one-up ; get + one up on.
Ex: These articles are compared with 34 articles on how similar blood changes might ameliorate Raynaud's disease.
Ex: If the title is selected by a book club this helps boost the print-run and overall sales.
Ex: Such familiarity can be cultivated with experience, and will consider the following features of data bases.
Ex: An introduction explaining the nature and scope of the indexing language will enhance its value.
Ex: Notice that it would be possible to improve recall indefinitely by scanning the entire document collection.
Ex: The DOBIS/Leuven data bases is designed to optimize search and updating procedures, because these functions are critical to the operation of a library.
Ex: After a brief discussion of basic hypertext operations, it considers some of the issues that arise in 'scaling up' hyptertext data base.
Ex: A Permuterm index scores over a Double-KWIC index in that it avoids repetitive printing of one title.
Ex: Sometimes it will be necessary to upgrade CIP records once the book is published, and this process is undertaken by BLBSD as appropriate.
Ex: There was, it appeared, little point in spending more than four minutes indexing a particular document, for the additional time gave no improvement in results.
Ex: She thumbed the pages slowly, explaining that the study had been conducted to try to ascertain student attitudes toward the media center, why they used it, which facilities they used, and to see if they had suggestions for bettering it.
Ex: The article 'Bringing your golf collection up to par' gives guidelines on selecting library materials on golf.
Ex: Systems will get better and cheaper with the passage of time.
Ex: This assignment was designed to help students gain confidence in using print and computerized sources.
Ex: At the same time librarians need to do a better job communicating information about available research and instructional support.
Ex: The article 'Pump up the program...' identifies the costs and benefits of undertaking a software upgrade.
Ex: To ease the cataloguer's job and save him the trouble of counting characters, DOBIS/LIBIS uses a special function.
Ex: This novel is narrated by William, an underachiever who is constantly outdone by his charming and lovable identical twin brother.
Ex: After jazzing up her appearance with a new blonde hairdo, she turns up in his office and talks him into taking her out for a meal.
Ex: All went well, and with the addition of two new people, computer science took a turn.
Ex: All went well, and with the addition of two new people, computer science took a turn.
Ex: His private life, however, took a turn for the better.
Ex: When he was younger he really turned the library around, from a backwater, two-bit operation to the respected institution it is today.
Ex: If we polish up and internalize these pearls of wisdom, especially those which challenge our existing boundaries and beliefs, the payoff can be priceless.
Ex: Back in 2001, the tossed salad they prepared fed some 5,000, which then bested the record held by a community in Utah in the United States.
Ex: If prejudice is allowed to trump the rights that all citizens should enjoy, then everyone's freedoms are ultimately endangered.
Ex: As a general rule, you can 'buff up' your look by making your shoulders seem wider and your waist narrower.
Ex: I think Murray will go one better than Wimbledon, but will lose to Federer again in the final.
Ex: Liverpool and Chelsea are grabbing all the headlines, but Arsenal have quietly moved it up a gear scoring 10 goals in their last three league games.
Ex: Start gently, ease yourself in by breaking the workout down into three one minute sessions until you are ready to notch it up a gear and join them together.
Ex: There was not much to separate the sides in the first ten minutes however Arsenal took it up a gear and got the goal but not without a bit of luck.
Ex: We have a good time together and we're good friends.. but I'd like to take it up a notch.
Ex: David quickly comprehended our project needs and then cranked it up a notch with impactful design.
Ex: Went for a bike ride with a mate last week, no problems so will crank it up a gear and tackle some hills in the next few weeks.
Ex: After a regular walking routine is established, why not move it up a notch and start jogging, if you haven't already.
Ex: Things may be looking up for Blair, but it is still not certain that he will fight the election.
Ex: The situation has certainly changed for the better now, but it is still dramatic.
Ex: Despite their rough breakup a year later, things have taken a turn for the best in her life.
Ex: She got sent back home so she could get better and as soon as she got well again she went right back to work.
Ex: After successfully owning and operating a small home-based business for 7 years, Melyssa decided to upscale her business.
Ex: The pub's very much been upmarketed, with metal decor and great big wooden tables sprawling across the centre of the room.
Ex: She was sensational throughout the competition and outshone her opponents with singing skills that seemed to stretch beyond the talent of a 17 year old.
Ex: He also laughingly joked about Kelly not being able to outclass him this time.
Ex: Adams is a lovely and subtle performer, but she is overmatched by her co-star and handicapped by the material = Adams es una artista encantadora y sutil, pero el papel le viene demasiado grande y se ve superada por su compañero de reparto.
Ex: We grow up in our parents' home and share their life and then when we have kids we feel we need to do one better.
Ex: This remake of William Castle's action adventure adds a genuinely supernatural plot to the old story of the duplicitous wife scheming to kill her husband but being one-upped by his even more ingenious counterplots.
Ex: If you ever do manage to get one up on a narcissist, it is likely to be a hollow victory at best.
* comenzar a mejorar = take + a turn for the better ; take + a turn for the best.
* cosas + mejorar = things + get better.
* desearle a Alguien que se mejore pronto = wish + Nombre + a speedy recovery.
* empezar a mejorar = turn + a corner ; take + a turn ; take + a turn for the better ; take + a turn for the best.
* información que permite mejorar la situación social de Alguien = empowering information.
* mejorar aun más = take + Nombre + to the next level.
* mejorar con respecto a = be an improvement on.
* mejorar considerablemente = raise + Nombre + to greater heights ; take + Nombre + to greater heights.
* mejorar el aspecto de = beautify.
* mejorar + el impacto = deepen + the impact.
* mejorar el pasado = improve on + the past.
* mejorar la autoestima = improve + self-esteem.
* mejorar la calidad = raise + standards ; raise + the quality.
* mejorar la calidad de vida = improve + living standards ; raise + living standards.
* mejorar la eficacia = enhance + effectiveness.
* mejorar la exhaustividad = improve + recall.
* mejorar la nota = up + Posesivo + grade.
* mejorar la pertinencia = improve + precision.
* mejorar la precisión = improve + precision.
* mejorar la productividad = improve + productivity.
* mejorar las cosas = make + things better.
* mejorar las destrezas = sharpen + Posesivo + skills.
* mejorar la situación = improve + the lot.
* mejorar las probabilidades = shorten + the odds.
* mejorar la suerte = improve + the lot.
* mejorar más aun = take + Nombre + to the next level.
* mejorar + Posesivo + apariencia = smarten (up) + Posesivo + appearance.
* mejorar + Posesivo + autoestima = enhance + Posesivo + self-esteem.
* mejorar + Posesivo + calidad de vida = raise + Posesivo + quality of living.
* mejorar + Posesivo + imagen = raise + Posesivo + profile ; smarten up + Posesivo + image ; enhance + Posesivo + image ; buff up + Posesivo + image.
* mejorar + Posesivo + imagen = enhance + Posesivo + identity.
* mejorar + Posesivo + suerte = improve + Posesivo + lot.
* mejorar + Posesivo + vida = improve + Posesivo + life.
* mejorar pronto = have + a speedy recovery.
* mejorarse = right + Reflexivo.
* mejorarse a Uno mismo = better + Reflexivo.
* mejorarse de = speed + recovery from.
* mejorar una situación = ameliorate + situation.
* que mejora la calidad de vida = life-enhancing.
* situación + mejorar = situation + ease.

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