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mention, refer to; allude; cite; name, term; introduce

he/she mentions

(v.) = make + mention of ; mention ; name ; note ; quote ; record ; refer to ; reference ; touch on/upon ; broach ; bring + Nombre + up ; speak to ; make + reference to ; bring up ; advert to.
Ex: The LC cataloging made no mention of the fact that this book had been severely censored.
Ex: Some of these codes have been mentioned in chapter 4.
Ex: The author statement may, for example, name all of a string of authors, or just the first named.
Ex: In the future, a number of further developments can be fairly confidently predicted in addition to the expansion of those noted above.
Ex: Guidelines can be expected to discuss standard forms of quoting chemical nomenclature and mathematical expressions.
Ex: Editors and compilers of editions of works are recorded together with the edition statement in the edition area = En en área de edición se incluyen los editores y compiladores de las ediciones de trabajos junto con la mención de edición.
Ex: A bibliographic data base comprises a set of records which refer to documents (such as books, films, periodical articles or reports).
Ex: Only a single copy of the name, subject heading, etc., would be maintained in the system and referenced by every bibliographic record using that heading.
Ex: A cataloguing code also touches on the subject of bibliographic description.
Ex: Some of the consequences of this conclusion are broached in this article.
Ex: The reason I didn't bring this up in my paper is that I've learned from bitter experience that it's well to be radical about one thing at a time.
Ex: Numerous articles in the library literature speak to this phenomenon but most deal with the experience of larger libraries.
Ex: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction by making reference to different types of asexual reproduction in plants and animals.
Ex: When asked to recall our most unforgettable experiences, we often bring up something that marked a turning point in our life.
Ex: After adverting to the responsibility of his action in calling the Assembly together, he admits that the war is ended, and with it the power of the Confederacy of the Southern States.
* ahora que lo menciono = speaking of which.
* digno de mencionar = noteworthy.
* mencionar de nuevo = restate [re-state].
* mencionar de nuevo innecesariamente = belabour [belabor, -USA].
* mencionar de pasada = make + a passing mention.
* mencionar de paso que = let + it drop that.
* mencionar nombres = name + names.
* mencionarse = appear.
* mencionarse en una conversación = come up + in a discussion.
* mencionar una cuestión = bring up + matter ; bring up + a point.
* mencionar una idea = bring up + an idea.
* mencionar un problema = bring + a problem up ; bring up + a problem.
* mencionar un punto = touch on + a point.
* mencionar un tema = broach + subject ; broach + topic ; touch on + a point.
* no mencionar = overlook.
* no poder dejar de mencionar = cannot but notice.
* no poder evitar mencionar = cannot but notice.
* olvidarse de mencionar = overlook.
* por mencionar sólo algunos = to mention but a few of ; to mention only a few.
* por mencionar sólo unos cuantos = to mention but a few of ; to mention only a few.
* por mencionar sólo unos pocos = to name but a few.
* por mencionar uno pocos = just to name a few.
* por mencionar unos pocos = just to name a few.
* por no mencionar = not to mention.
* (que se menciona) a continuación = below.
* sin mencionar = not to mention ; not to say ; not to speak of.

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