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disparagement; underestimation
despise, disparage; underestimate, undervalue

despite, scorn, scornfulness, contempt


(n.) = scorn ; disparaging ; put-down ; disparagement ; depreciation ; deprecation ; cold shoulder.
Ex: I gave him a look of scorn and disgust, but he merely laughed at me.
Ex: On three occasions he published a brief, disparaging remark.
Ex: Overt abuse definitions included put-downs, criticism, foul language, explosive anger, and neglect.
Ex: Their disparagement of female emancipation & feminism borders on mockery.
Ex: There may also be space for a record of maintenance and maintenance agreements, together perhaps with information on cost and depreciation.
Ex: It uses humor rather than witticisms, and self-deprecation rather than deprecation of the professional field.
Ex: According to researchers, these are the cities where 'immigrants find friendly welcomes or cold shoulders' = Según los investigadores, estas son las ciudades donde 'los inmigrantes se encuentran un recibimiento amistoso o indiferencia'.
* hablar con menosprecio a = talk down to.
* provocar menosprecio = evoke + scorn.
(v.) = underrate ; disparage ; denigrate ; scorn ; belittle ; deprecate ; have + contempt for ; despise ; dismiss with + the wave of the hand ; look down + Posesivo + nose at ; look down on/upon ; walk all over + Alguien ; put + Alguien + down ; run + roughshod over ; ride + roughshod over ; ride + roughshod over ; thumb + Posesivo + nose at ; turn (up) + Posesivo + nose (up) at ; hold in + contempt.
Ex: Its contribution in this context should not be underrated.
Ex: For whatever reason, Shera chose to disparage rather than to take seriously the substance of Briet's ideas.
Ex: This is not to denigrate such writing, much of which is extremely valuable.
Ex: Marshall Edmonds seemed pathetic to her, a person more to be pitied than to be scorned.
Ex: Citing a renowned author merely to gain personal respectability for an otherwise mediocre piece of research belittles the work of the cited author.
Ex: In these instances, it is important to avoid putting one's colleagues in another unit on the defensive or deprecating another unit to a patron.
Ex: The androgynous dandy lived the idea of beauty, had contempt for bourgeois values, and was elitist and estranged from women.
Ex: By this later period pressmen in England were despised as mere 'horses', the 'great guzzlers of beer' who were rebuked by the young Benjamin Franklin for their mindless intemperance.
Ex: International 'rules' are often dismissed with the wave of the hand or a snort of contempt one week, and gilded and placed on a pedestal the next.
Ex: It's the kind of barn where you can learn to ride without feeling mocked or like some hoity-toities are looking down their nose at you.
Ex: The problem with that is that most literate societies look down on people who can't read well.
Ex: By always looking at people in the eye and keeping your head held high you'll start giving them the vibe that you are not to be walked all over .
Ex: 'Specifically, I'm told you delight in putting down the professional'.
Ex: Most troublingly, the Court has run roughshod over important legal precedents, not just in its ruling in January but in many other decisions.
Ex: A good life for you maybe but not for the people you rode roughshot over.
Ex: A good life for you maybe but not for the people you rode roughshot over.
Ex: America is criminalizing those who object to its military plans, and is thumbing its nose at the Geneva Convention.
Ex: She hasn't turned up her nose at anything since we first put solid food to her lips.
Ex: They are held in contempt by motor racing types because they are not much cop on circuits.
* menospreciar a la gente = look down + Posesivo + nose at people.

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