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night tea; picnic; basket lunch
snack, eat a small portion of food, eat a light meal (especially between regular meals); picnic, arrange an outdoor meal, eat a meal outdoors; have tea


lunch, snack

(n.) = late-afternoon snack ; early-evening snack ; teatime ; afternoon tea ; tea.
Ex: Also like many athletes, Mendez says everyone needs to fuel his body every four to five hours and, especially, have a late-afternoon snack.
Ex: The hotel staff is very friendly and laid-back -- we could bring our own food and wine into the bar area and have an early-evening snack.
Ex: To most people in Britain, the phrase 'clotted cream' instantly summons up an image of teatime.
Ex: In the past whether you took 'afternoon tea' or 'high tea' was a peek into your social standing.
Ex: Before tea invaded Britain, the English ate only breakfast and dinner.
* ir de merienda al campo = go for + a picnic.
* merienda cena = high tea.
* merienda de negros = pandemonium ; bedlam ; free-for-all.
(v.) = have + a late-afternoon snack ; have + tea ; snack.
Ex: If you're planning on exercising after work, have a late afternoon snack to give you energy.
Ex: Hats are not required when ladies have tea with the Queen, but they are still the most creative fashion statements you will see.
Ex: I stayed there for several hours, snacking on hunks of bread and cheese and putting pen to paper.
* merendarse = thrash ; beat + Nombre + (all) hollow ; beat + Nombre + hands down ; trounce ; walk all over + Alguien ; polish + Nombre + off ; make + short change of.

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