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method; system; way; line; means; orderliness

manner, method method



(n.) = approach [approaches, -pl.] ; avenue ; design ; mechanism ; method ; tack.
Ex: During the last twenty years the variety of approaches to the organisation of knowledge has proliferated with the introduction of computer-based methods.
Ex: In the attempt to match the above criteria, there are two fundamentally distinct avenues to the construction of the schedules of a classification scheme.
Ex: Thus in index or catalogue or data base design the indexer must choose an appropriate blend of recall and precision for each individual application.
Ex: This helps to illustrate the methods of analysis employed by the scheme and to introduce the mechanisms of its use.
Ex: There is an alternative method for the design of subject retrieval devices, and that is to build languages or schemes which depend upon some theoretical views about the nature and structure of knowledge.
Ex: The simplest tack would be to include the metadata in the notes field but sorting by metadata attributes is problematic and clunky.
* aprender por el método de ensayo y error = learn by + trial and error.
* basado en un método empírico = enquiry-based [inquiry-based, -USA].
* basado en un método práctico = enquiry-based [inquiry-based, -USA].
* como un método para = as a means of.
* explorar métodos = explore + roads.
* indizar según el método KWIC = KWIC-index.
* método analítico = analytical method.
* método anticonceptivo = contraceptive method.
* método automatizado = computer-based method.
* método basado en modelos = modelling approach [modeling approach, -USA].
* método Cloze = Cloze method.
* método cualitativo = qualitative method.
* método de actuación = clinical practice.
* método de aprendizaje = learning style ; learning method.
* método de búsqueda = search paradigm.
* método de clustering aglutinador = agglomerative clustering method.
* método de comunicación = communication pathway.
* método deductivo = deductive method.
* método de enseñanza = teaching method.
* método de evaluación de un edificio en uso = post-occupancy evaluation method.
* método de gestión = managerial style.
* método de indización en cadena = chain procedure.
* método de la coocurrencia de términos = co-word method ; co-word method ; co-word method.
* método de la Inversión de la Frecuencia de los Documentos (IDF) = Inverse Document Frequency model (IDF).
* método de la media ponderada = weighted means method.
* método de la media sin ponderar = unweighted means method.
* Método de la Secuencia Crítica = Critical Path Method (CPM).
* método Delphi, el = Delphi method, the.
* método del Valor de Discriminación (DV) = Discrimination Value model (DV).
* método de ordenación letra a letra = letter by letter method ; all-through method.
* método de ordenación palabra por palabra = word by word method ; nothing before something method.
* método de pensamiento en voz alta = thinking aloud method.
* método de puntuación = scoring technique.
* método de trabajo = working method.
* método de Two-Poisson (2P) = Two-Poisson model (2P).
* método docente = teaching method.
* método educativo = educational method ; teaching method.
* método escalonado = stations approach.
* método estadístico = statistical method.
* método inductivo = inductive method.
* método Maze = Maze method.
* método por simulación = simulation method ; simulation approach.
* por el método de ensayo y error = by trial and error ; trial and error.
* robar por el método del alunizaje = ram raid.
* robo por el método del alunizaje = ram-raid.
* seguir un método = take + approach.
* según un método prescrito = clerically.

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