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(Vulgar Slang) shit, damn!
(Vulgar Slang) crap, shit, bullshit



(n.) = dung ; shite ; shit ; crap ; bullshit ; poo(h) ; poop.
Ex: The highest production of fish was obtained in cisterns treated with poultry manure, followed by pig dung and cowdung.
Ex: Picture quality is utterly shite due to use of a cameraphone.
Ex: Until your skin gets use to it, it will itch but non-scented talcum powder will help, just make sure you don't inhale any of that shit.
Ex: This is Archie Bunker crap, right? = Estas son las gilipolleces de Archie Bunker, ¿verdad?.
Ex: For a majority of likely voters, meaningless bullshit will be the most important factor in deciding who they will vote for in 2008.
Ex: We have tried every type of reward in the book of a poo on the potty or toilet but he seems afraid.
Ex: Often children learn to hold their pee and poop before they can figure out how to release it voluntarily.
* ¿cómo mierda...? = how the shit...?.
* ¿cuándo mierda...? = when the shit...?.
* de mierda = frigging [freaking] ; freaking [frigging] ; fucking ; effing ; shitty ; poopy .
* ¿dónde mierda...? = where the shit...?.
* irse a la mierda = naff off ; get + lost ; go (and) take a hike ; go to + hell ; get out of + Posesivo + face.
* lugar de mierda = shithole.
* mandar a la mierda = bugger ; fuck off ; eff off.
* mierda de = freaking [frigging] ; frigging [freaking] ; fucking ; effing.
* mierda de vaca = cowdung.
* ¿por qué mierda...? = why the shit...?.
* ¿qué mierda...? = what the shit...?.
* ¿quién mierda...? = who the shit...?.
* ser una mierda = be the pits.
* vete a la mierda = fuck off ; eff off.
(n.) = mental crap.
Ex: Furthermore, we will demonstrate the consequences and the intended and unintended outcomes stemming from this tsunamic tide of mental crap.

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