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knapsack, backpack



(n.) = backpack ; knapsack ; rucksack ; haversack.
Ex: Important factors in designing a backpack or implanted telemeter are explained.
Ex: Carrying cases, such as briefcases, knapsacks, and grocery bags were the second most common possessions held by patrons working in the library.
Ex: Instructional materials can be taken from room to room within the library in mesh carryall bags, rucksacks, and paper carriers.
Ex: Prior to 1851 haversacks were made of white linen in a variety of forms and sizes.
* mochila de fumigar = knapsack sprayer ; pressure sprayer.
* mochila de lona = duffel bag.
* mochila de pulverizar = knapsack sprayer ; pressure sprayer.
* mochila pulverizadora = knapsack sprayer ; pressure sprayer.
* soplador de mochila = knapsack blower.
* viajar llevando un mochila = backpacking.

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