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annoy, bother, harass, irritate

bar, hinder, inhibit, prevent

to bother

(v.) = bother ; irk ; pester ; disrupt ; irritate ; trouble ; hassle ; bug ; tread on + Posesivo + toes ; spite ; annoy ; nag (at) ; disturb ; upset ; niggle ; importune ; gall ; peeve ; disturb + Posesivo + peace ; molest ; put + Posesivo + nose out of joint ; badger.
Ex: Why bother, then, to create an alphabetical index to the classified file when you already have a printed alphabetical index to the schedules of the classification scheme?.
Ex: She had been told from time to time that he seemed to derive satisfaction from needling the staff, but she had never been able to pin down specifically what he does that irks them.
Ex: And there are those whom I have pestered from time to time over the past four years, and who have patiently answered my importunity.
Ex: Essentially, problem patrons can be considered in three groups: (1) the dangerous or apparently dangerous; (2) the patron who disrupts readers; and (3) the nuisance whose focus is the librarian.
Ex: Their education must accordingly be designed to prepare them for that future, however much this may irritate the myopics whose only concern is for the present.
Ex: This is a problem that has frequently troubled teachers.
Ex: Richins also included inconveniences such as special trips to complain, time and effort required to fill out form, being treated rudely, and having to hassle someone.
Ex: I have a question that has been bugging me since I upgraded to ProCite 5 some time ago.
Ex: For all the indisputable good the Dalai Lama does in terms of spiritual guidance, he seems reluctant to tread on any political toes.
Ex: Men's abuse of children is in many instances instrumental in order to coerce or retaliate against women, echoing the Greek myth of Medea who killed her own children to spite her father.
Ex: Library pests are any humans, large or microscopic beasts, library equipment or installations, or chemical and biological substances that hamper or annoy the reader.
Ex: This a book that I had admired but that had nagged at me for years.
Ex: Transcribe the data as found, however, if case endings are affected, if the grammatical construction of the data would be disturbed, or if one element is inseparably linked to another.
Ex: Especially if the new subject is one which upsets the previous structure of relationships, it will be difficult to fit into the existing order.
Ex: He was under the knife last week to treat the knee problem that has been niggling him.
Ex: He was a shiftless, good-for-nothing man and his shrewish wife was constantly importuning him.
Ex: It was the American attitude of superiority that galled them the most.
Ex: Things like talking over the performances and cutting to commercials in the middle of performances were really peaving the people who watched.
Ex: And yet I've never told people to pipe down when they were disturbing my peace with their too loud blatherings on a cell phone.
Ex: I swear I have never seen a person who gets bit, stung and otherwise molested by insects and spiders the way he does.
Ex: In petty things he tended to be a poor loser; a defeat in a tennis game tended to put his nose out of joint.
Ex: My employer is bullying and badgering me and trying to either make me quit or fire me.
* molestar con preguntas = heckle.
* molestarse = stir + uneasily ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a twist ; get + Posesivo + panties in a bundle ; begrudge ; grudge ; pique ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a knot.
* molestarse (por) = be bothered by ; bridle at ; take + offence (at) ; take + umbrage (at).
(v.) = stir + uneasily ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a twist ; get + Posesivo + panties in a bundle ; begrudge ; grudge ; pique ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a knot.
Ex: She did stir uneasily when one day he exhorted her to be careful whom she was seen with, and when he advised her to remember that in her new and different setting people who fail to observe unwritten rules of acceptable behavior are in some people's eyes expendable. Ex: The trouble began when some journalists got their knickers in a twist over Reich's unusual theories -- one of these being the notion that every individual should have a healthy satisfying sex life. Ex: I cannot for the life of me understand what you see in the Serb's cause that gets your panties in a bundle. Ex: In fact, many successful working women begrudge their partner's lack of earning power. Ex: He did not grudge them the money, but he grudged terribly the risk which the spending of that money might bring on them. Ex: In one interview, piqued by this recurrent comment on his Irishness, he pointed out that he came not from idyllic emerald green surroundings. Ex: Darlene's got her knickers in a knot because mischievous little Molly has the look of a girl that would go all the way on the first date.

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