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mulberry, tree with purplish-red and berrylike fruit; blackberry, edible black or dark purple fruit of the blackberry bush
dwell, live, abide
moorish, of or pertaining to the Moors, of a people of Northwest Africa
Moor, person of mixed Berber and Arab ancestry; Moorish person, Muslim from northwest Africa



(n.) = berry ; mulberry.
Ex: The most popular recreation forms in nature are swimming in summer, the picking of berries, and mushrooms, cross-country skiing, and fishing and hunting.
Ex: Documents were attached top and bottom only to the mounting boards with mulberry paper hinges.
(n.) = mora.
Ex: It has been reported that the accent nucleus of a Japanese word tends to be located on the antepenultimate mora.
(v.) = dwell.
Ex: He will dwell in the church that is built by martyrs fighting for justice, by children starving of hunger, by mothers and fathers walking the streets of misery.
(n.) = Moor.
Ex: This short documentary describes the glorious rule of Muslim Moors in what is now Spain.
* costar el oro y el moro = cost + the earth ; cost + an arm and a leg ; cost + a pretty penny ; cost + a fortune.
* dar el oro y el moro = give + Posesivo + right arm.
* querer el oro y el moro = have + Posesivo + cake and eat it.
* valer el oro y el moro = cost + the earth ; cost + an arm and a leg ; cost + a pretty penny.

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