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brown; brunette, person having dark hair skin and eyes; swarthiness
brown, dark; swarthy; dusky



(adj.) = dusky ; brown ; swarthy .
Ex: The film centers on a non-white secretary who believes that her dusky kin and non-Nordic features prevent her boss from returning her affections.
Ex: Actually, they are sheets of paper coated with aniline dye which is commonly dark blue or purple, although rainbow packs are obtainable which include red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black.
Ex: According to family legend, some of them had 'dark hair and swarthy skin' = Según la leyenda familiar, algunos de ellos tenían el pelo negro y la piel morena.
* azúcar morena = brown sugar.
* azúcar moreno = brown sugar.
* azúcar moreno sin refinar = jaggery.
* de piel morena = swarthy-skinned.
* de tez morena = swarthy ; swarthy-skinned.

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