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girl, gal, lass
boy, lad, youngster; servant


(n.) = girl ; girlie ; gal ; wench ; lass ; lassie.
Ex: The article 'Why girls flock to Sweet Valley High' investigates the appeal to girls of adolescent romances and what, if anything, could be done to broaden the reading habits of such fans of formula fiction.
Ex: The article 'Girlies on the warpath' argues that despite institutional resistance, good antisexist work is happening in teacher education.
Ex: Summer time clothes are much more revealing, and every gal could use a little help looking her best.
Ex: He went in the tavern wearing an eye patch, crying 'ahoy, matey!' and eying the comely wenches.
Ex: This festival has its origins in the 19th century, when young laddies and lasses had very few places where they could meet, greet and flirt in a socially acceptable manner.
Ex: Prior to the gathering at the barracks the Salvation Army band, followed by lassies with tambourines, held an open air meeting in Diamond Street.
(n.) = maid ; maidservant ; housemaid.
Ex: Nearly half the children in the survey were cared for in their own homes by au pairs, nannies, housekeepers or maids.
Ex: In all three novels, a lovestricken swain believes that he is disporting himself with the handsome object of his affections, when actually he lies abed with the grotesquely ugly maidservant of his mistress.
Ex: A Qatari man is facing charges of raping a Filipino housemaid, when she was 17, on her very first day of employment in his house.
* muchacha de la limpieza = cleaning woman.
* mucha de la limpieza = cleaning lady.

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