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very much, extremely; immensely, a lot; heaps of, oodles
a lot of, very much, very many; much, a great deal

very much very much

= extreme ; plenty of ; an awful lot of ; a helluva ; prodigiously ; like crazy ; like mad ; a hell of a lot of ; a barrel/barrow load of monkeys ; a heck of a lot ; like it's going out of style ; like hell.
Ex: You can very frequently go into a large library and have extreme difficulty finding somebody to help you because there are 40 people sitting out in back doing something which somebody else is doing down the road.
Ex: There are plenty of omission failures of this sort, and they litter most of the Hennepin County Library Cataloging Bulletins.
Ex: It seems to me that there are an awful lot of people around who think that any change is bad.
Ex: I have the ability to do this on my own, but it takes a helluva long time for me to warm up to people.
Ex: These nocturnal rampages by gangs of werewolves included chasing women, eating prodigiously, being splattered with mud, and caterwauling generally.
Ex: We have no idea what will capture people's imagination and work, but all we can do in any period of great change is experiment like crazy.
Ex: With hundreds of bait fish swarming your spot -- feeding like mad -- the game fish get extremely excited and start to move into the area to feed on the bait fish.
Ex: Interestingly, when it comes to the crunch, there seem to be a hell of a lot of agnostics out there.
Ex: The landlord is as mad as a barrel load of monkeys, but a fine man and ex-soldier.
Ex: If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.
Ex: My pup chases her tail like it's going out of style.
Ex: What's the ordinary response if you're a red-blooded American consumer? I mean, you scream like hell and run to the store and demand your money back.
* admirar muchísimo = think + the world of ; think + highly of.
* apreciar muchísimo = treasure ; think + the world of ; think + highly of.
* costar muchísimo dinero = break + the bank.
* dar muchísima envidia = make + Nombre + green with envy.
* desde hace muchísimo tiempo = in ages (and ages and ages).
* disfrutar muchísimo = have + a ball ; have + the time of + Posesivo + life ; live it up ; have + a field day ; have + a blast.
* durante muchísimo tiempo = for ages and ages (and ages) ; in ages (and ages and ages).
* echar muchísimo de menos = be sorely missed ; be sadly missed.
* echar muchísimo en falta = be sorely missed ; be sadly missed.
* gustar muchísimo = love + Nombre + to bits ; love + Nombre + to death.
* haber muchísima diferencia = be in a different league.
* hace muchísimos años = a great many years ago.
* hace muchísimo tiempo = ages (and ages) ago ; aeons ago ; yonks.
* me gustaría muchísimo = I sure wish.
* muchísimas gracias = thanks a bunch!.
* muchísimas veces = countless times ; many times over.
* muchísimo + Adjetivo = dauntingly + Adjetivo.
* muchísimo espacio = stacks of room.
* muchísimo más = a whole lot more ; an awful lot more.
* muchísimo más + Adjetivo = infinitely + Adjetivo.
* muchísimo sitio = stacks of room.
* muchísimos + Nombre = a great many + Nombre.
* muchísimo tiempo = for ages.
* muchísimo tiempo después = ages and ages hence.
* preocupar muchísimo = worry + Nombre + sick.
* preocuparse muchísimo = worry + Nombre + to death ; be worried sick ; worry + Nombre + stiff ; be worried stiff.
* quedar muchísimo por hacer = a great deal more needs to be done.
* tardar muchísimo = take + forever ; take + ages (and ages).
* y muchísimo más = and so much more.

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