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furniture; furnishings, movables
furnished, supplied with furniture and appliances
piece of furniture; furnishing, fitment




(n.) = furniture.
Ex: Suppose you have a document which has as one of its themes 'the television advertising of cosmetics' and, as another, 'the press advertising of furniture'.
* abrillantador de muebles = furniture polish.
* abrillantador para muebles = furniture polish.
* armar muebles = assemble + furniture.
* cera para muebles = furniture wax.
* depósito de muebles = furniture warehouse ; furniture repository.
* fábrica de muebles = furniture factory.
* muebles de cocina = kitchen furniture.
* muebles de dormitorio = bedroom furniture.
* muebles de jardín = garden furniture ; patio furniture.
* muebles del hogar = home furniture.
* muebles de oficina = office furniture.
* muebles prefabricados = ready-made furniture.
* tenda de muebles = furniture store.
* tienda de muebles = furniture shop.

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