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soft; springy, bouncy; luxurious
spring; wharf, dock, pier




(n.) = spring.
Ex: There is a film on the camera for a hundred exposures, and the spring for operating its shutter and shifting its film is wound once for all when the film is inserted.
* colchón de muelles = spring mattress.
* industria de la fabricación de muelles, la = spring industry, the.
* muelle de juguete = slinky.
* muelle en espiral = coil spring.
* muelle serpentina = serpentine spring.
* que se cierra automáticamente mediante un muelle = spring-loaded.
* somier de muelles = box spring.
(n.) = wharf [wharves, -pl.] ; dock ; pier ; quayside.
Ex: Entries beginning with a place name may have corporate body, subject, or geographical qualifiers: London -- London wharves.
Ex: It is a project that has been incubating since he lost the space for his privately run museum in Gloucester docks two years ago.
Ex: Finally, the upkeep of these bridges was a massive task requiring the constant removal of sediment from river beds, piers and abutments.
Ex: The fresh catch is sold in the fish market located on the quayside.
* muelle de carga = loading dock ; loading bay.

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