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originate, be born, come into being; see the light

you were born

(v.) = be born ; spring ; come into + the world ; see + the light of day.
Ex: When using a 32-entry miniature catalog it is not necessary to know that I was born in 1914 to differentiate me from 31 other entries.
Ex: My point is that all literature, every example we can think of, depends for its existence on the tradition out of which it springs -- even the most avant of the avant-garde.
Ex: No one comes into the world already disposed for or against words in print.
Ex: The article 'OSI: will it ever see the light of day?' concludes that the promise of OSI has been bold and ambitious but that its delivery has been significantly delayed beyond its initial projections = El artículo "OSI: ¿verá alguna vez la luz del día?" concluye que la promesa de OSI ha sido osada y ambiciosa pero que su publicación se ha visto retrasada considerablemente por encima de las previsiones iniciales.
* al nacer = at birth.
* bebé que nace muerto = stillbirth [still-birth].
* conforme + nacer = at birth.
* en cuanto + nacer = at birth.
* grandes robles nacen de pequeñas bellotas = great oaks from little acorns grow.
* nacer antes de + Posesivo + tiempo = be born before + Posesivo + time.
* nacer de pie = be born with a silver spoon in + Posesivo + mouth.
* nacer prematuramente = be prematurely born ; be born premature(ly).
* nacer salvaje = grow + wild.
* nacer silvestre = grow + wild.
* nacido en = born in.
* niños nacidos fuera del matrimonio = children born out of the wedlock.
* persona nacida después del baby boom = baby buster.
* persona nacida durante el baby boom = baby boomer ; boomer.
* peso al nacer = birthweight.
* volver a nacer = have + a lucky escape ; have + a narrow escape ; escape by + the skin of + Posesivo + teeth ; have + a narrow shave.
* vuelto a nacer = born again.

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